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Kids’ Models’ school Little CATS  - first steps of your child to the beautiful future!
    It’s been already 12 years that the models’ school for the youngest, charming and ingenious models – LITTLE CATS has been functioning within the CATS Model Agency. The school gained its popularity through vivid commercial shootings, fashion shows, exclusive contests, and the active participating in the cultural life of our city. LITTLE CATS welcomes boys and girls from 4 to 11 years old to the future models. The training period is 6 months and the cost is 3800 rubles per month. Lessons with the professional teachers will help your child to become self-confident,  to feel the gaiety of being around children of the same age, to make first steps in the world of fashion and beauty.

 The training programme:
Model stride, eurhythmics. Our teachers will teach your child to walk right and fine, to have a right bearing, move to music, hear the rhythm and memorize the movements. During the lessons children are taught to work on the stage and catwalk, beautifully wear clothes of different styles and trends. The lesson lasts for 1.5 hours.
Acting technique. The subject is aimed at development of the child’s acting abilities, it teaches to be self-confident and easily in public, work on stage, in front of the camera. It is a very interesting, including many games, children work with imaginary objects, act out the sketches, based on the famous fairy-tales, do home work. As the evidence shows, the acting technique is the most favourite subject among the students of the LITTLE CATS.  The lesson lasts for 1.5 hours.
 In the end of the training we will offer all the students of LITTLE CATS to make their first professional pictures in the biggest photographic studio of Saint-Petersburg attached to the CATS Model Agency.
 Every graduation of theLITTLE CATS is followed by the outstanding prom-party, which is held at one of the biggest concert pavilions of the city. At the gala performance at graduation all the children will be able to show all their skills, acquired during the time of the training. Also all theLITTLE CATS graduates will get the Certificated of the course completed.


Contact us:   +7 812 325-43-38  +7 812 325-43-38  
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