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For already 20 years the biggest Russian model agency CATS has been developing its active functioning in the market of fashion, beauty and style.
The team of CATS has been demonstrating us the 13 years of perfect work quality and professionalism, easily organizing the most enchanting fashion shows, the most noted festivals and celebrations, satisfying the orders of the most exacting clients with its work.

The head of the agency is        Natalia Purvin

   The girls and young men of the CATS model agency can be seen in the music videos, advertising, as well as in the films and TV series. These include the shooting in the music videos of Alla Pugachyova, Philip Kirkorov, Alexander Buynov, Kristina Orbakayte, as well as in the videos of such a popular Russian bands as: “Blestyaschie”, “Tchai vdvoem”, “Ruki vverh”, “Ivanushki-international”, “Kabriolet” and others. Our models took part in the fashion shows of the following designers: Tatiana Parfenova, Tatyana Kotegova, Alena Akhmadulina, Alexander Petrov, Lilya Kisilenko, Elena Badmaeva, Irina Tanсurina, Valentin Yudashkin and Vyacheslav Zaitsev.
    Our models adorn the covers and full-pages of the most famous Russian and foreign magazines, such as: “Peterburgsky Televik”, “Russian model”, "Marie Claire", "Officiel", "Cosmopolitan", "Vouge", "ELLE" etc.
    Our clients are the large-scale corporations, well-known brands, oldest firms and edition representatives.
    The CATS model agency is the representative and partner of the biggest West and East model agencies, such as: IMG (New-York, Paris), NEXT (New-Your, Paris), ZEM (Osaka), Donna, Cosmopolitan (Tokyo), Modelwork (Hamburg), Women (N-Y), Major, JModels, Why Not (Milan), VIVA, ELITE (Paris), STORM (London).
    Several times during the year CATS organizes castings in Saint-Petersburg and other big cities in Russia, after which the most outstanding girls set off to the most interesting journey through the world of high fashion.
    The CATS model agency supports and carriesout beauty contests among the students of Saint-Petersburg Universities. The winners and participants of these contests successfully work in our agency: Miss Gercen State Pedagogical University 2006, Miss North-West Academy 2006, Miss Saint-Petersburg State University 2006 and others.  
The Cats model agency has participants and winners of many contests among its stuff: “The Best Model of the year”, “The Beauty of Saint-Petersburg”, “The Russian Beauty”, “Miss Saint-Petersburg”, “Miss Russia”, “Top-model of Russia”, “Supermodel of the world”.
 Юлия Караман       MISS   Saint-Petersburg 2008
    The CATS model agency organizes many fashion and beauty festivals in Saint-Petersburg. Constant collaboration with the biggest exhibition complex LenExpo gives the opportunity to organize the shows at the biggest exhibitions in our city.
    The CATS model agency would like to have business connections with regional partners: model agencies, beauty contests, fashion studios etc.; it helps developing model business, as well as advancement of the models to Eastern and Western fashion market, it has contacts with many foreign agencies, magazines and producer companies.
    The CATS model agency invites young modelers, designers and masters of style to collaboration.
    The CATS model agency helps to make professional photos by famous photographers of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow for all comers.
Our contacts: of 14  Kamennoostrovski pr 13/2
Saint-Petersburg, Russia
tel/f : + 7 (812) 325-43-38 
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