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Creation history

           Decade of agency
Of 20 years  of faultless quality of work and professionalism command CATS, with ease creating  most best  shows us displays, the loudest holidays and celebrations, satisfying with the work orders even the most exacting clients.
 Heads agency-   Natalia Purvin
Young girls and theyoung man of modelling agency CATS it is possible to see as in videoclips, blocks of commercials, and in films, and serials. These are video shootings in Alla Pugachevoj, Phillip Kirkorov, Alexander Buinov, Christina Orbakajte, and also, such groups as "Shining", "Tea together", "Hands Upwards", "Ivanushki-internejshnl", "Cabriolet", etc. Our models participated in displays: Tatyanas Parfenovoj, Tatyana Kotegovoj, Alains Akhmadullina, Alexander Petrov, Lilii Kisilenko, Elena Badmaevoj, Irina Tantsurinoj, Valentine Yudashkin and Vyacheslav Zajtseva.
 Our models decorate covers and turns of the most fashionable Russian and foreign journals:" Petersburg Televik "," the Russian model "," Marie Claire "," Officiel "," Cosmopolitan "," Vouge "," ELLE ", etc.
Shootings for glossy journals
Our clients – the largest Russian and western corporations, the famous trade marks, the oldest trading houses and representations of editions.
Display of new collection MANGO
Fashionable displays in a trading complex PEAK
Of a new collection in ТК Gulliver
  Modelling Agency CATSis the representative and the partner of the largest western and east modelling Agencies, such as: IMG (New York, Paris), NEXT (New York, Paris), ZEM (Osaka), Donna, Cosmopolitan (Tokyo), Modelwork (Hamburg), Women (N-Y), Major, JModels, Why Not (Milan), VIVA, ELITE (Paris) STORM (London). Some times in a year CATS will organise a casting in St.-Petersburg and other big cities of Russia then the brightest girls depart to the most interesting travel on haute couture world.
Modelling agency CATS supports and holds beauty contests among students of HIGH SCHOOLS of St.-Petersburg. Winners and participants of competitions successfully working in agency.
Ms. RGPY of Herzen 2006, Мисс Академия Северо-Запад 2006, Ms. of St.Petersburg State University 2006 and others.
  Modelling agency CATSincorporates participants and winners of many competitions:" The best model of year ",
" the Petersburg Beauty "," Beauty of Russia "," Ms. St.-Petersburg "," Mrs. Russia "," Top-model of Russia "," Supermodel of the World ". Agency CATSis the organizer of many holidays of a fashion and beauty in St.-Petersburg. Constant cooperation with the largest expocentre of Lenexpo gives the chance to organise displays at the largest exhibitions of our city.
Ms. Sinema 2006 
Ms. Russian Radio of 2007 
Phone +7 (812) 325-43-38,
 e-mail: catsmodels@inbox.ru     model@catsmodels.spb.ru
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