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The Head of the CATS

  Natalia Purvin the representative of that type of women which now it is accepted to name «self-made woman»: stylish, young, active, thus the family woman, happy and happy with all components of the life. Her discriminating feature: ability always to be plain and thus to continue to support with the person good relations. Besides, to be the director of modelling agency for the woman – heavy responsibility as it is necessary to support irrespective of personal circumstances itself in the excellent form as girls-models should know to what it it is necessary to aspire.
    Natalia was born on August, 4 in Saint-Petersburg. She used to play volleyball professionally and has the title “Master of sports”. In 1993 she graduated from Saint-Petersburg State Technical University. She had modeled since 1990 in Saint-Petersburg Fashion house “The Nevsky prospect”, had her photos in many fashion magazines and also worked as fitness and aerobics instructor. In 1991 she started to teach “Model stride and eurhythmics” for the first time in models’ school. In 1994 she founded The CATSmodels’ school and this is considered to be the date of the foundation of The CATS Modelling Agency.
  Thus, for today, Natalia - not only successful "Business -  Lady", the heroine of many television show programs and society columns, but also the happy woman: favourite and loving.
 Natalia Purvin's comments:
In what success of your Modelling Agency because, whatever one may do, but when you say a word-combination «Modelling Agency» association with CATS is born at the majority of the very first.
Probably it, without false modesty, my person. Because everything that I do, I do itself and personally. At present at me it is a lot of communications. I have made the modelling agency itself. And if I sometime, for any reasons cease to supervise over it agencies will not be because anybody and never can pick up it. She is my person if to answer a question on a global scale.

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